Your property is going to sell

October 22, 2021

You have a property and you want to sell , it is going to sell!

You know what you need in your hand. If you don't know there are plenty of ways to find out the value of your home. Our recommendation is that you get a Registered Valuation, it will cost but you can "Bank" on it. What I mean by this is if your plans do not work out you can borrow on or refinance on the Registered Valuation. They are also "unbiased" as the valuer is not there to try and list the property! You can also disclose this to your buyers but they can only rely on it if they purchase the report. By disclosing the valuation it will give weight or justification to your price.

Another way is to use go to and see recent sales in your area. Remember this site is there to generate leads for agents so bear this in mind, but the sales data is free.

Other options include listening to your friends or family, or trying out

Ratemyproperty is a tool that I created to value a home based on its condition rather than just looking at the sales stats and adding gain over RV (rateable value) . Every home is different and the algorithms used by the web portals cant see the actual condition of the home. But you can! So how it works is, you score the condition of the home x suburb gain over RV = Possible market price. It is subjective as we all see value differently, it could give you insights as to things I saw in properties from my time as an agent and in the building trades.

Remember when pricing a property ,you the owner is the only person that can agree to sell the property. It is your decision, if the buyers are at your level or above the power to sell is in your hands and no one else.

Once you have set the price you need to decide the best method of sale.

Negotiate, Priced, Auction, Tender or Deadline. These all have their benefits and disadvantages that is why FiSBO® is a hybrid of all traditional processes.

We believe that buyers know what they want to spend and owners know how much they want to sell for. Buyers always want to buy low and sellers always want to sell high. With FiSBO® we set the reserve at the vendors "Happy Price" and market the property "Expressions From $$$". This tells the buyers the expected price point from the start so you qualify buyers for your property from the start with less time wasters.

Buyers express interest to the vendor direclty in FiSBO® by filling out a webform , on submission the vendor can review the detail instantly. To keep it simple we call these BiD's. BiD's can be made 24/7. Unike a Tender, Negotiation or Deadline Sale,the $$$ value of the BiD is shown in the public listing on FiSBO® . Buyers can change their BiD at anytime. Unlike normal Auctions, BiD's in FiSBO® can include conditions which means all buyers have the same chance. FiSBO® is transparent for all buyers, the process is in real-time and is fair to all buyers.

Once the vendor/owner has a party they want to work with they will approve one BiD/Buyer and the system sends all the information to their solicitor to draft the agreement and keep all parties legally safe.