The FiSBO® hybrid auction

This is how it works:

1. All campaigns start with a price so buyers know if they can afford the property from the start.
2. Expressions of Interest (BiD's) can be made as soon as the campaign goes live from the FiSBO® buyers account portal.
3. Unlike normal auctions BiD's can include conditions so all buyers have the same chance.
4. BiD's are reviewed by the vendor instantly via the FiSBO® owners portal. The owner knows the buyers name, email, phone, conditions etc.
5. BiD's are displayed in the public listing on FiSBO® , buyers can change their BiD at anytime.
6. The owner has full control over who/which buyer they choose to buy the property
7. Buyers will only see the $$$ and buyer number in the listing, not the conditions.
8. When the owner is satisfied they will approve one BiD and the detail will be sent to the owners solicitor to draft the agreement.
9. As only one agreement is drafted the process does not waste time or cost for buyers.
10. The process is happening in real-time with transparency for all parties.
11. Because it is all online it is Covid friendly, no face to face contact during the process other than viewings.

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