Terms & Conditions

FiSBO® NZ Ltd is a marketing & technology service only.
We do not create or negotiate the terms and conditions in sales & purchase agreements.

The sales & purchase agreement is drafted by your solicitor and that process is managed in full by them.
Our App allows you to review any offer made by the purchaser prior to you accepting and sending to your solicitor to draft the sales & purchase agreement. You can choose to accept or reject the purchasers submission from common options before sending to your solicitor for final sign off and acceptance. Vendors must have a solicitor involved in the selling process as do purchasers.

The FiSBO App is simply a collection point for this data for both parties. FiSBO does not give advice as to value, provide market values, registered valuations or any other professional advice that a normal real estate agent provides. At the point of inducement communication to buyers via, phone , email, text, video call, shall be done by the vendor. Open Homers help at open homes, register attendees to the open home and keep the property secure. Open Homers do not answer buyers questions about the property value or give opinions on the owners asking price, but do refer the buyers to the vendor via the app to answer those questions. Open Homers can tell buyers how the FiSBO App works, how they may sign up , how to take photos or create VR tours and or how to market a property using the FiSBO systems.

The vendor can direct buyers to submit and record offers or attendance via the FiSBO web app. Any offers made via the FiSBO web app does not constitute a legal or binding sales & purchase agreement. Pricing property on FiSBO is with a price only. The Vendor shall set the advertised price when they set up their property marketing. A buyer can buy the house for the vendors advertised price from the start of the marketing. The decision to pre approve any offer of interest is at the owners sole discretion and control.

It is highly recommended that you seek legal advice from your solicitor at any time  prior, during or after you decide to sell or buy a property.

For independent information on buying or selling in New Zealand please visit : https://www.settled.govt.nz/

FiSBO recommends the owners seek a valuation from a registered property valuation firm before or during their marketing campaign to answer market price expectations.

For general support please email us: