For internet Sale By Owner

We have built the service to take the hassle out of selling property on your own with marketing to the point of inducement and no commission on sale.

We will give you all the options , the tips and tricks, the support and exposure to as many buyers to get you a market price you deserve.

Our team members do so much more than a normal agent and we are far cheaper overall. The days of paying the price of a small car to sell your home are gone! You have worked hard to buy this property you now want to sell so you deserve to keep the lions share of your capital gain.

We are roll your sleeve's up , get into it, not here to muck around  kind of people, if you want action we are all empowered to start your campaign today. Your property is going to sell with FiSBO®'s unique hybrid process, by putting all the buyers into the same pot so they compete for your approval to purchase.

Check out the results from these campaigns below then scroll down to learn more detail before calling us to get started today on 0800 891 317
We had help at the open homes from the FiSBO® team, we knew the name, phone number and total number  of all attendees instantly.
I liked how transparent the process was compared to other companies.
Everything was done online in real-time so I didn't have to do the negotiating face to face
I was allowed to talk directly with the buyer so I knew who would be buying my home
Because we advertised our home with a price we knew that qualified buyers would come and view it. We also knew that they could include conditions in their BiD's which meant more buyers would be able to BiD.
As a buyer I knew how many people I was competing against as my BiD and the others where displayed in the FiSBO® listing. I knew what I needed to do to win the property.
We got a price that was well above our expectation and with the money we saved in agent fees we bought a new ute!

The 3 part process to
FiSBO® your property

Our People
Our marketers create your listing so you don't have too. We get you online, take the photos, shoot the VR, scripts, put up the sign, help at open homes and get your property infront our 340 plus active buyers & the thousands on Trademe & Social Media.
Meet the team
FiSBO® Platform
All buyers express their interest to you via FiSBO®. It is the contactless pre-negotiating tool powering your decisions. The $ value of all bids are displayed in the public listing. You review all BiDs and then on approval your solictor drafts the agreement.
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You the Owner
The only person you can trust to sell your house is YOU!

We teach you to use the system. You set the reserve and make the decisions behind the scenes.

Trust yourself & sell with FiSBO®
You choose pricing
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