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Supercharge your private sale with the power of the internet & FiSBO®

FiSBO is a marketing service to help you....

Sell a property with support

At FiSBO, we're all about making sure you feel supported every step of the way. Whether you're diving into our online DIY options or opting for our Full Service campaigns, we've got you covered. From phone, email, and text support for our DIY enthusiasts to in-person guidance, open home, and viewing management for those who want the full package, we're here to make your experience as smooth as possible. And remember, we're always just a call or click away, right from the start of your journey with us.

Get the best possible market price

Dive into our system, which is a treasure trove of market research, and you're on your way to securing the best market price out there. We've got a free workbook that's like having a friendly guide by your side, making the whole process a breeze. When you're synced up with the market's rhythm, getting the top price becomes a natural outcome. Plus, our innovative hybrid selling system is designed to spark a bidding frenzy, all on its own, ensuring you're in a great spot to celebrate success.

Lower the cost to sell & increase your profit

By not charging a commision on the sale of your property we can provide the best possible unbiased services for sellers in a pre-paid basis which means you keep more in your pocket after all selling expenses. 

We've got all the tools you'll need to sell, offering you the choice to go DIY with FiSBO® or let us take care of everything with our Full Service option - it's all about what works best for you! Plus, with flexible payment plans and finance options on the table, having a chat with your FiSBO® consultant can open up a world of possibilities. Let's make selling your property as easy and stress-free as possible, shall we?


Funnel all buyers into one pot

Let's face it, in today's digital age, every savvy buyer is scouring the internet, hunting for their dream property based on its standout features and unique perks. FiSBO is here to shake things up, creating a vibrant marketplace where all potential buyers converge, governed by fair play and transparency. Through our innovative platform, offers are placed in the open, sparking healthy competition and ensuring your property shines in the spotlight.

And we're also teaming up with real estate agents! They bring in buyers under a "Buyer Agency Agreement," making us an open-source provider that's all about collaboration and community.

What does FiSBO provide?

Marketing & Advertising

FiSBO is your go-to marketing mate, armed with the slickest automated tech to scout out the right buyers for your property. It's where segmentation meets savvy advertising, cutting-edge technology shakes hands with automation, and social media gets into the mix – all working together in perfect harmony.

All campigns include:

  • Standard Trade Me listing
  • Signage
  • Printed Brochures
  • Open home system
  • Mobile access
  • FiSBO Social Media
  • Automated Marketing and Segmentation
  • And so much more!

Selling System

Imagine if TradeMe ventured into property auctions. That's exactly what FiSBO brings to the table, but with a twist – our bidders can include conditions, opening the door for more Kiwis to get involved. It’s a fully transparent system, a breath of fresh air compared to traditional models. Crafted from our founder's rich half-decade experience in real estate and boasting $30,000,000 in property sales since our launch, you can rest easy knowing you're in capable hands with a system that truly delivers!


Once a deal is pre-negotiated each parties solicitor is sent all the detail to draft the agreements and keep you legally safe.

This is far better as you are getting the best legal advise from a fully trained , solicitor or conveyancor. 

FiSBO® can be contracted by your solicitor if you wish and be included in the workflows.

Do we really need agents anymore?

Open Home & Viewing Management

Our full service campaigns are ideal if you're strapped for time or simply not keen on hosting open homes yourself, our team is here to lend a hand. We operate within a set of guidelines, ensuring any queries or interests are swiftly directed your way, either through our innovative app or in person, as you prefer. Consider us as your ultimate ice-breaker and supportive wingman, stepping in to make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

See our pricing here

What about support?

Every single one of our customers enjoys support, whether it's a friendly chat on the phone, a quick email, or our engaging weekly webinars as we journey together. Our support office is buzzing, ready to offer you nifty sales advice and systems support tailored just for you. We're all about team spirit here – you're never flying solo. So, come on in and join our tribe!

What about quality control?

Every single one of our campaigns, including the DIY options, gets a thorough check-over by our support office before they hit the public eye. This way, we ensure they're up to our marketing standards, guaranteeing you the best possible results.

We're all about team spirit here – you won't find yourself going it alone like you might on other platforms.

As for cost, we strike the perfect balance – not too cheap, not too pricey, but just right.

Meet Ben

Ben the maker-3


Why I made FiSBO®

Hey there , I am Ben Keehan the founder of For internet Sale By Owner or FiSBO for short.


I was working in real estate back in 2015 and as the power of the internet started to grow with things like Virtual Tours, Online marketing, social media , the valuation algorithms like and property insight tools I saw a gap in the market to provide a unique service to help private home sellers by leveraging technology and empower their decision making.


It wasn't untill 2018 that I found a web system to build the first version of the system and in the summer of 2019-2020 the first true working softwate version was built and our first live campaign started as covid hit.


Covid was a blessing as I had heaps of time to get FiSBO® working , the brand identity sorted and everything setup. In fact it has taken alot longer to tweak the services as everytime a campaign is run I learn something to make it better.


With the 5 years in real estate behind me I took everything I learnt from my time at Harcourts, First National and interactions and partnerships with TradeMe and REINZ to decide my true passion is in helping sellers directly.


Now with $30m in property sold and a franchise partner working our home area I can focus on national growth. 


My mission is to make FiSBO® the go to brand for direct peer to peer sales in property with supported marketing services, at price points all sellers can afford without an expensive commission on sale.

Why don't you charge a commission?

We're big believers in fairness and innovation: if you're putting in the work, you deserve to be rewarded fairly for it. It's all about creating value, both for our team and our customers.


And here’s something we’re really passionate about: if we deliver an exceptional product and service that lives up to our promises, we're confident people will recognize the value and be excited to support it.


When you choose to pre-pay for our services, you're not just securing your spot; you're also locking in the best possible price. We're excited to say, and we stand by this promise, that we'll be at least 20% more affordable than our closest full-service competitors.


Or , we could be the same as our competitors.

Agent Sale vs FiSBO®

Apart from a couple of key differnces the gap between a private sale with FiSBO and an agent sale is very close. 


We both:

Provide marketing and advertising on TradeMe and social media.
Work for the seller.
Do branding and signage.
Do viewings and openhomes (Plan dependant).
Provide the latest technology. (we do)
Lower the cost of selling to maximise the sellers profit (I think they do).
Put the seller in the drivers seat.
Let the seller decide who the buyer will be.


Here's a game-changer: our cutting-edge, transparent online system empowers you to pre-negotiate deals seamlessly. Then, to ensure everything's above board and you're fully protected, your solicitors craft the agreement. On the flip side, traditional agents might handle this with paper, in a way that feels a bit...well, dated. We're all about speeding things up and keeping you in the loop every step of the way!



Hybrid Online Auction

FiSBO is a unique hybrid online auction very similar to how Trade Me works but designed for property.


Imagine all buyers both conditional and unconditional fighting to win the right to purchase your property at the same time, all online from the comfort of their homes and you are in the drivers seat reviewing the BiDs from your internet connected mobile phone, tablet or pc. 


Gone are the days of back and forth on paper, everything happens in real time and when you decide who the winning buyer is each parties solicitors draft the sales and purchase agreement to keep you safe.


FiSBO is the ultimate sales process to get you sold, saving you and the successful buyers money at the same time.

Featured Property

Settle on Southland
4 bd / 2 ba / 174 m2
Your Dream Home Awaits!
Expressions Of Interest From: $799,000.00
3 bd / 2 ba / 160 m2
Private Oasis
4 bd / 1 ba / 130 m2
Ready and Waiting in Akina!
Expressions Of Interest From: $590,000.00
3 bd / 1 ba / 93 m2
You deserve it!
3 bd / 2 ba / 197 m2

How we help you to sell

Our full service customers sell privately like this

Initial Customer Meeting

During your first meeting with the your consultant, take the opportunity to dive into how we operate and the array of services we offer, as detailed in our pre-list document. Create a personalized quote and be walked through the selling process, ensuring clarity and confidence every step of the way.


Create the campaign

Let's pick a day to capture those stunning photos and create an immersive VR tour! We're here to guide you through sprucing up the house with some handy tips from our manuals. Once you've got those picture-perfect shots, pop them into the FiSBO web app and we will edit your VR tour. Set aside about 2 hours for this creative process, including scripting. After that,  support office will check the details and make sure you are set to shine online and schedule those open house moments. Our team will do a quick quality check before we showcase your listing on Trade Me, ensuring everything looks top-notch!


Design Time

We will craft your brochures and signs with a personal touch. Ready to elevate your property's appeal? It's incredibly easy and fun to do!


Viewing Management

Your consultant will deliver an outstanding first impression to sellers by guiding buyers directly to an open house or coordinating a private viewing that fits seamlessly into everyone's schedules.

Cleverly arrange simultaneous visits to reduce any inconvenience for the seller, and swiftly record any feedback in our system for the seller's review. By joining forces with the seller, we aim to attract a flood of interested buyers through every possible inquiry channel, maximizing the property's exposure and potential.


Open Homes!

Get ready for a whirlwind at your first open home! Thanks to your dazzling online marketing efforts, the property will shine, attracting a flurry of interested buyers. Effortlessly guide them through the process, input their information into our system, distribute brochures, and share the valuable insights you've gained from training. Then, watch as our innovative automation takes over, making everything smooth and efficient. It's all about making connections and creating memorable experiences with ease and authenticity.


The Property Selling Process

At the exciting moment of engagement, you'll get to share how our innovative system springs into action, then gracefully step back as buyers and sellers dive into negotiations directly through the FiSBO web app. It's like an online auction but cooler. The moment a bid lands, our app lights up with interest, showcasing the bid for all to see in the public listing. And if a bidding war kicks off? Buyers can outdo each other in real-time. It's transparent, it's thrilling, and it puts everyone in the driver's seat.

On the sellers approval the succesful buyers bid is sent to each parties solicitor to draft the agreement and keep them legally safe.


The contract

Once the buyer's bid is approved each parties legal team gets into action to provide the sales and purchase agreement and ensure the conditions are met along with any other legal requirement for the sale to take place.

Once they advise the contract is unconditional the SOLD sticker can be put on the property!


No Commission On Sale

At our core, we're a marketing services crew, committed to fostering success without the burden of commissions. Our ethos? You pay us for our expertise and efforts upfront, regardless of the sale's outcome.

We're firm believers in the magic of upfront, transparent pricing - it's a win-win for both the seller and our hardworking team. This approach not only simplifies the process but also aligns perfectly with our innovative spirit and dedication to providing genuine, enthusiastic support every step of the way. It’s all about creating a positive, optimistic experience that empowers everyone involved.

But Don't Just Take Our Word for It...

quote icon green

"We chose FiSBO because we did not want to pay high real estate fees. We didn't feel confident enough to sell our home ourselves but using FiSBO made the process more relaxed for us - It was well worth it. Aiden was very friendly and encouraging, he was always available for advice"

John & Christine
Bassett Place, Taradale
design elements Another sold
quote icon green

"I liked the FiSBO concept and needed to save on real estate fees to be able to move forward to my next property. I can’t speak highly enough of Aiden. He was professional, knowledgeable and responsive to questions and requests. While the website was easy to navigate he was reassuring to talk to. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Aiden. The whole experience was great... seamless, undemanding and proceeded well to the outcome we all wanted..!"

Kennedy Road, Napier
quote icon green

"Such incredible process of support with selling our property using FiSBO. It sold quickly and we received multiple offers and were able to negotiate directly with the buyer.  It was a very empowering process and one I would highly recommend!"

Milton Road, Napier
Milton sold

"We chose FiSBO Hawke’s Bay because of the cost saving and the professional approach of Aiden and the team. Working with them was simple and straightforward. We would 100% recommend FiSBO – they were professional and dedicated to helping us achieve the results. We are now selling another property with Aiden!"

Neil & Carena
Bassett Place, Taradale
teal_man_background_jobbies Happy customers

"We sold four units with FiSBO, we saved $70,000 in fees compared to what an agent would have charged us, it makes so much sense to do it this way. We certainly recommend them to any serious seller"

teal_man_background_jobbies Fisbo sold sign

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