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FiSBO® is a framework to sell your property like a pro without needing a high cost real estate agent.

The technology that is avaliable today means we can give you the power to sell your property like a pro.

It makes complete sense to save the money you have made, real estate is a business not a charity.

Did you know that most real estate agents use a similar system they repeat over and over? And the average commission per sale is $24,000+GST which is money you could have.

How long does it take you to earn $24,000+GST ?

If we could save you $20,000 would you use FiSBO?

What could you do with another $20,000.00 ?

You can choose to use the framework on your own or with one of our cerified guides to help you along the way at far lower cost than traditional agents. We will give you the power to decide (from our pricing plans) how you want to engage our cerified guides.

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The FiSBO® Framework:

We Get You Online with TradeMe

And support you along the way

All Campaigns are a mix of

Negotiation, Auction & Tender

All Expressions are BiDs

Unlike normal auctions BiDs can include conditions
which means more buyers

All BiDs are displayed

It is happening in real-time. Buyers know if they are in or out

The winning BiD

Is approved by the owner and the detail sent directly
to the owners solicitor to draft the agreement
to keep all parties safe.

Why do you need a traditional agent?

When we you give you all this power!
Choose how you want to use our framework
We had help at the open homes from the FiSBO® team, we knew the name, phone number and total number  of all attendees instantly.
I liked how transparent the process was compared to other companies.
Everything was done online in real-time so I didn't have to do the negotiating face to face
I was allowed to talk directly with the buyer so I knew who would be buying my home
Because we advertised our home with a price we knew that qualified buyers would come and view it. We also knew that they could include conditions in their BiD's which meant more buyers would be able to BiD.
As a buyer I knew how many people I was competing against as my BiD and the others where displayed in the FiSBO® listing. I knew what I needed to do to win the property.
We got a price that was well above our expectation and with the money we saved in agent fees we bought a new ute!

Electronic Processes
Old School

Who is going to win?

Use us to Market your property
save money to spend more on the next one

Your Personal Guide
Our marketers create your listing so you don't have too. We get you online, take the photos, shoot the VR, scripts, put up the sign, help at open homes and get your property infront our 340 plus active buyers & the thousands on Trademe & Social Media.
Meet the team
FiSBO® Platform
All buyers express their interest to you via FiSBO®. It is the contactless pre-negotiating tool powering your decisions. The $ value of all bids are displayed in the public listing. You review all BiDs and then on approval your solictor drafts the agreement.
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You the Owner
The only person you can trust to sell your house is YOU!

We teach you to use the system. You set the reserve and make the decisions behind the scenes.

Be your HERO sell with FiSBO®
You choose pricing
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