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FiSBO® is a framework to sell your property like a pro without needing a high cost real estate agent.

Our proven plan is a complete selling system to empower you to get a market price the same as if you were selling with an agent. Put simply we make you the agent!

Did you know that all real estate agents use a similar system they repeat over and over? And the average commission per sale is $27,600* which is money you could have. (*Based on the median house price)

How long does it take you to earn & save $27,600?

If we could save you $27,000 would you use FiSBO?

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The FiSBO® Plan

All Campaigns Include

That's where most buyers are!

All Campaigns Are Branded

With FiSBO® you get our branding on all the marketing!
Signs, Trademe, Social Media, Handouts, Emails
You will look like a pro!

All Campaigns are a mix of

Priced, Negotiation, Auction & Tender
And is fully automated to make it easy for you!

All Expressions are BiDs

Unlike normal auctions BiDs can include conditions
which means more buyers

All BiDs are displayed

The listing on FiSBO® will show all the BiD's.
Buyers can change their bid at anytime.

The winning BiD

Is approved by the owner and the detail sent directly
to the owners solicitor to draft the agreement
to keep all parties safe.

DIY $499

Will get you online today and selling like a pro!
You will get the complete framework and selling system
TradeMe, 2 Signs, Social Media Posts, Email Support, Weekly Webinar Access.
What are you waiting for?
Sign Me Up Now with FiSBO®+Trademe+2 Signs just $499.00
Electronic Processes in your control that gives you & your buyer transparency in real-time
Old School paper based method designed to make the agent the most money that is slow and frustrating for the public

Who is going to win?
Pre internet days we needed a real estate agent to be the and hold the database of buyers. For most of the public there was no other way to purchase a property unless it was from a family member, neighbour or other off market way. Since the real birth of the internet buyers can see all the properties that are seriously for sale in real time, the internet is the database. No need for a real estate agent to be the middle man anymore. Sites like TradeMe , Amazon, Facebook, Google, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram are the new ways to reach buyers mobile devices , thats where it is all happening so this is where we come in.

FiSBO® NZ was designed from the ground up to be perfect add on to all these platforms so buyers can bid directly to win the right to purchase the property! No more wasting buyers or solicitors time and money when there can only be one buyer per property. FiSBO® gives you the power to "Vet" all bids with or without conditions then on your approval the system sends the data to your solicitor to draft the sales & purchase agreement.

Prior to approval all bids are shown in the public listing, buyers can outbid other parties at anytime and as there is transparency they know if they are in the running or not. So you are dealing with qualified buyers from the start in one sales funnel that builds competition in one automated, real-time process.

We are continually automating & improving the repetitive parts of the process to make FiSBO® even better and because we have low overheads we can do it far cheaper than the normal real estate agent.

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Full Service Campaigns

Do you need a person to help you?

We can provide full service marketing campaigns to the point of inducement
with our approved marketing consultants.

Your Personal Guide
Our marketers create your listing so you don't have too. We get you online, take the photos, shoot the VR, scripts, put up the sign, help at open homes and get your property infront our 340 plus active buyers & the thousands on Trademe & Social Media.
Meet the team
FiSBO® Platform
All buyers express their interest to you via FiSBO®. It is the contactless pre-negotiating tool powering your decisions. The $ value of all bids are displayed in the public listing. You review all BiDs and then on approval your solictor drafts the agreement.
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You the Owner
The only person you can trust to sell your house is YOU!

We teach you to use the system. You set the reserve and make the decisions behind the scenes.

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