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DIY or Pro Help
Smart phones have great cameras so shoot your own photos , or hire one of our pro marketing consultants to do all the techy stuff for you.
They will write the script, shoot HDR photos, make a True VR Tour, put up the sign and teach you how the platform works..
Hybrid* Online Auction
Set the reserve and the system does the rest. Unlike a normal Auction bids can include conditions which means more buyers! BiDs can be placed instantly. Learn Here

Easy & Online
FiSBO® is completely online allowing access to the system from any internet connected laptop,tablet or smart phone.
Keeping you safe
When you the seller is satisfied or the buyers are exhausted the seller will approve one bid and  the buyers details will be sent to the sellers solicitor to draft the agreement.

Sellers are using FiSBO® to find the best buyer and as only one contract is needed there is less waste for buyers.
Low Cost to Sell
FiSBO® believes that selling real estate should not need to be an expensive process like it has been up till today.

You can run your own Hybrid Auction with FiSBO® from just $999
This includes TradeMe, 2 Signs & Full Support from FiSBO®
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